We have been told through conventional medicine that the diseases of aging such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and dementia are all part of the normal aging process. However, research has shown that maintaining our hormone levels in a youthful state may prevent or delay many of the debilitating diseases that occur as we age.  

Aging is inevitable, but how we age is not.   

The Center for Optimal Health and Wellness shifts the emphasis from 
disease-driven medicine to an innovative, health-focused practice.  We incorporate a comprehensive evidence-based approach to managing your aging process.  

Dr. Sandler-Goldberg helps you take control of the aging process and improve your healthspan.  

We incorporate hormonal optimization, with nutritional support, herbal supplements
and exercise programs, while addressing the entire person as a whole.  We can't necessarily expand your life, but we can help to expand your many years of health and prolong your "healthspan".  

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The Center of Optimal Health and Wellness is an exciting new medical practice that identifies and treats hormonal and nutritional deficiencies as a means of maintaining health.  
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